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Father Daughter Valentine Dance

                We are so excited to announce the 15th Annual Father Daughter Dance in February of 2024 at the Braselton Civic Center! Mark your calendars for February 2nd and 3rd...we can't wait to host our Fathers and Daughters again!!


     From our initial success with our Father Daughter Dance in a small banquet room in the Lake Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge in 2009 to our continued success in 2023, the word is out that this is the place to be for creating lasting family memories!

     Throughout the the fourteen years of hosting this dance, we have entertained over 9,000 fathers and daughters. Our dances are open to all ages, from toddler to adult, as well as those fathers, stepfathers, significant father-like figures, grandfathers, uncles, or role models in the life of their special young lady. Family friendly music is provided to satisfy the musical taste for all who attend.

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